Fire Force Episode 3 on Toonami faces censor for Lucky Lecher Scene

Fire Force anime on Toonami gets censor's red light

One of the hottest anime series to watch is the Fire Force and is literally the best of all. The English dub episodes from the Adult Swim’s Toonami is ranks up on the top of the list. From a recent report, some part of the series is edited down in respect to Kyoto Animation fire. However, the third episode is also torn down with some censor for the Toonami episodes.

Fire Force Episode 3 English dub on Toonami goes down for censor

Fire Force episode 3, “The Rookie Soldier Fire Arms” introduces to a character known as Tamaki Kotatsu. During her first interaction with the main protagonist Shinra, her intimation activates. And later he moves his hands over her chest and slowly moving down her pants.

But unfortunately, the episode to get air on August 10 gets a red signal. And the censor board didn’t want the hands of Shinra to move likely. However, the English dub episode from Toonami gets a halt from airing the episode.

Fire Force anime on Toonami gets censor's red light

Credits: ComicBook

Fans did try to pause on her reaction during the intimate scene and take to Twitter to make comments of it. People think of the scene to be edited without making any notable scene of the series. That is how a “lucky lecher scene” gets a censor from airing the episode.

Toonami senses trouble from the episode

Fans believe that Toonami is editing the episode of the Fire Force. Co-founder of the Toonami tweets as they don’t really go for any editing feature of the episode. And it is untrue that the Toonami franchise does any editing job for the episodes.

Fire Force anime on Toonami gets censor's red light

Fans believe that Toonami is altering the contents of the episodes
Credits: ComicBook

Fire Force gets its entry into the anime world on July 5. Making a way to broadcast from Crunchyroll and Funimation and English dub by Toonami. Atsushi Okubo is the creator of the anime series Fire Force. During its initial time, it gets its release only on the Shonen magazine.

The Fire Force is doing such great efforts for the city. And the main character Shinra who runs like a rocket while he loses his shoes during the run. Will he be able to find the secret of the strange phenomenon occurring in the city? Stay tuned for more updates from Fire Force.

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