Fire Force Episode 3 to release after the Kyoto Animation Tragedy

Fire Force episode 3

Fire Force Episode 3 (Enen no Shouboutai) was delayed as it was scheduled for last week. Twitter account of the Anime announced this and informed the fans.

Fire Force episode 3 release date

Fire Force is available to watch on FunimationNow. Funimation premiered the Anime on 5th of July only. The English dub of the Anime is also available on FunimationNow. Fire Force Episode 3 will also be available on Toonami from 27th July. However, Crunchyroll also streams the Anime.

Fire Force episode 3


The story follows a group of firefighters who also have the ability to control fire itself. The protagonist Shinra Kusakabe is a third-gen, fire-controller or pyrotechnic. He has a nickname, ‘Devils Footprint’ as he can put his feet on fire at his will. He joins the Fire Force, Company 8. The other members also have abilities to control fire.

In Tokyo, people face a problem which is of random combustion. Any random person is ignited in itself and there is no solution to it. However, over generations, people adapt to this and thus have the ability to control fire. Shinra is one of them.

Later, a fraction of members appears which creates Infernals, the people who ignite on their own randomly. Shinra is determined to find the mystery about his parent’s death. As his parents also died in the fire.

The manga of the same name had approximately 1.8 million copies sold in January 2018. Thus, a fan base is already there for the Anime too. However, the third episode of Fire Force will air tomorrow. It is titled as ‘The Rookie Fire Soldier Games’.

Moreover, the delay was caused in the release of Fire Force Episode 3 due to an unexpected event. At 10:30 AM on Thursday a fire broke out in Kyoto Animation HQ. 33 People died in it and injured are over 30.

The suspect, who himself was injured is a 41 y/o man. He supposedly started the fire with a liquid the same as gasoline.

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