Fire TV stick must-have accessory for anyone

A must-have accessory for anyone with a Fire TV stick

Ever wondered what could be your life without Alexa in the time full of technology? It would have been horrible to live without Alexa especially for those who are single and have to handle the things on their own. Alexa is really a boon for all. But, you really need an addition if you use Alexa on the Fire TV stick.

What is the need for this accessory?

A must-have accessory for anyone with a Fire TV stick

While using Alexa on the Fire TV stick, what irritates the most is that Alexa cannot work according to the dictation well. There’s a lot of mismatch in what the user speaks and what actually appears on the screen. This becomes a severe headache while browsing and entering usernames, passwords, etc.

This $25 accessory can assist you

A must-have accessory for anyone with a Fire TV stick

All you need to do is buy a very cheap and amazing accessory. Get yourself an iPazzPort Mini Backlit Keyboard with Universal Remote Buttons. This accessory mounts on the back of your Fire TV remote and comes with a stylish small case. And, for sure it will change your experience of Fire TV stick.


A must-have accessory for anyone with a Fire TV stick

  • Bluetooth Mini Keyboard- This keyboard replaces the voice search into the input content which makes the search quick and hassle-free.
  • Multimedia buttons and Keyboard lock- The new multimedia buttons of Home/ Return/ Pause/ Search/ Menu make you’re remote more responsive. To ensure that you don’t press any keys accidentally, it also comes with a Keyboard lock button.
  • Backlit Keyboard- The “Light Bulb Key” makes the use of remote more convenient in a dark room.
  • Built-in Li-on Battery- The rechargeable Li-on Battery provides a longer standby time. Also, there’s no need for replacing the battery by removing the lid from the back again and again.
  • Silicone Sleeve for Voice Remote- The accessory also comes with a silicone sleeve to protect the voice-search feature of the remote.

So, this accessory will be a game-changer for your Fire TV stick definitely. What are you waiting for? Go and buy one.

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