Firefox 67.0.4 Released — Mozilla Patches Second Day Flaw This Week

Firefox headquarters in California, United States

The latest version of Firefox 67.0.4 has recently been released. Plus, it is now easily available for the Mozilla users. You can download it through the browser’s built-in update mechanism.

What is the reason behind the Firefox 67.0.4 update?

Firefox web users will have to update their browser one more time. It has happened twice in a week where the developers had to update their browser. According to the news, the developers had repaired a dangerous actively-exploited vulnerability which was found in Firefox 67.0.3 earlier on June 19.

Moreover, Firefox is trying to warn the browser users about a second zero-day vulnerability that attackers have discovered recently. Recently, the developers discovered, if a “sandbox escape” (CVE-2019-11708) is patched with “type confusion” (CVE-2019-11707), that it helps the attacker to perform unsupported code.

The attacker somehow convinces them victim into visiting a harmful website. However, the new update keeps such 3rd party processes at bay and prevents them from destroying the operating system of a computer.

The two zero-days used in the same attacks

Recently, the news stated that an unknown hacking group used these two zero-days to damage the Coinbase staff. The employees of the Coinbase would receive emails that would contain certain links to malicious sites.

If anyone clicked on the links unknowingly or visited the sites, then the page would download and run an info-stellar without permission on their computer. Moreover, it would collect all their user data and browser passwords. But it could be only possible if the employees used the browser.

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