Firefox Reality: You can now experience the web in 3-D with Oculus Quest

Firefox Reality Browser is something very different

We are in 2019, and we are still browsing the web in 2-D? Not anymore. Mozilla has taken web browsing to a different level now with the release of virtual reality powered web browser.

Firefox Reality can be experienced on Oculus Quest headsets. Immersion will be growing on users who love to spend time playing online games and watching videos.

Oculus Quest makes reality come alive

You can now experience the web in 3-D with Oculus Quest

Mozilla’s Firefox Reality released for Oculus quest VR headsets on Thursday only. The goal of the release of VR headset is to bring the best experiences of the web which you would love to watch in VR world.

And also experience a lucid transition from 2-D to 3-D modes. Jeremy Horwitz in VentureBeat followed the overall developments of Firefox reality right from its early days in April 2018 to its final release now.

You can now experience the web in 3-D with Oculus Quest

And now finally the browser is on Oculus quest. Catherine Ellis in TechRadar made a similar analysis. It was released on HTC Vive in January and also for some other headsets.

TechRadar in its reports said Despite the increasing love of VR, common web browsers with VR experience are still very few. The VR web browser allows you don’t navigate the web without a keyboard, mouse, or a touchscreen.

Firefox Reality: Security is the topmost priority

Firefox Reality comes with a pre-installed feature of Enhanced Tracking Protection. This doesn’t let the sites from tracking your location and restricts them from fetching personal data.

Mozilla’s mindset reflects that privacy of web browsing should be the default rather than optional. An additional bonus with the browser is it works in the background and doesn’t let browsing speed suffer.

Also as per Variety, the default option of the browser is to block the auto-play option. Meanwhile, Mozilla has plans of releasing VR-ready WebXR specification, bookmarks sync, multi-window browsing, and many more features.

The video informs users about Voice search and 360 video support. There are options for privacy mode, movie mode, bookmarks, and many more things.

If this looks exciting to you, stay tuned to The Geek Herald for more!

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