First edition Harry Potter book sells at auction for $50,000

First edition Harry Potter book sells at auction for $50,000

Potterheads you might want to revisit your Harry Potter books after reading this article. For you might be the unknown owner of one of Harry Potter’s first edition. It has been recently released that first editions can fetch possessors 50,000 dollars at auctions. For it just happened in reality!!!

Old Harry Potter books might end up being your jackpot!!

First edition Harry Potter book sells at auction for $50,000

First edition Harry Potter book
Source: The Verge

Old Harry Potter books which are speculated to have been brought for just $1.80 will soon be auctioned. The book was originally purchased at a library sale for a meagre sum of money. However, it was much more special than its fellow new siblings.

Its high-value worth in the present time is due to its origin. The Harry Potter book was one of the first editions. Yes, it was one of the lucky first 500 copies in the world. They were originally distributed to different libraries and schools and hence had made their way in several people’s home.

The owner of the soon to be auctioned Harry Potter book said that he found his copy in the back of his cupboard. The book had been lying there for almost 20 years, unidentified of its worth. However, you might not have to wait any longer to know the difference between the rare and common one.

The old Harry Potter books can be recognized with the help of two silly printing errors that they hold.

How to identify the first edition books??

The first error is in the spelling of the word philosopher while the second slip-up is the repetition of the word ‘1 wand’. The list of equipment that Harry is required to buy encases the 1 wand twice in it. So if you have old Harry Potter book go and fetch them out, they might be your hidden jackpot.

First edition Harry Potter book sells at auction for $50,000

Repetition of “1 wand”
Source: Newsweek

The book will be auctioned on the 31st of July this year. it is the same day as JK Rowling’s and people’s forever favourite Harry Potter’s birthday. Well, the book seems to be in good condition and ergo will earn much more than its old torn and scribbled siblings.

Let’s see how much this impeccable book is able to garner at the auction.

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