Flipchat – new chat app from TikTok developer

Flipchat – new chat app from TikTok developer

To become the most populous country in the world – China. The competition in the technological market has been lame, it always becomes outraged with one another. However, the latest technology created by ByteDance – Flipchat is available in both the Android play store and the iOS App Store. Moreover, Bytedance is the most valuable startup of now. ByteDance was the developer of the video platform TikTok, making the app constantly at the top in the iOS store.

Flipchat – new chat app from TikTok developer

SOURCE: Technode

Flipchat – a new messaging platform

But this time, the budding startup has revealed another offer called Feiliao or Flipchat in English. This app is focused on instant messaging along with internet forums.

However, some claim the flipchat is a challenger for WeChat, but Flipchat has more niche needs. Whereas, the WeChat is prior to communication along with payments, delivery services and other convenience tools. Thus, Feiliao or Flipchat renders in making forums of own interest and chat rooms to share daily life activities and morals.

ByteDance said the app is an open social product. However, there is no sign of open as something is blocked. As of last day, the links available in Flipchat won’t open in the WeChat app. In addition, no profiles were able to sync in the Tencent developed WeChat. WeChat has crossed 1.1 billion active users worldwide.

Flipchat – new chat app from TikTok developer

SOURCE: TechCrunch

Competition in the market

Overall, Flipchat is more of the blossoming chat app. Where Tencent supported Jike and then WeChat – Jike is an app that helps people to connect on various topics overall. This app is also a counterpart towards Reddit in China.

According to a report from QuestMobile, ByteDance was able to take Chinese people with a percentage of 11.3. The app crossed around 100 million active users as of March. On the other hand, Tencent was able to take 43.8 per cent while dividing the share between Alibaba, Baidu and others.

In the end, Flipchat isn’t a direct approach towards WeChat however, the heat of competition has become tremendously greater in the Chinese markets.

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