Flood Warning: US cities of Palouse and Moscow under deep waters

Heavy Flood drenched Palouse cities and Moscow!

Paradise Creek and Moscow’s Palouse River affect the countries of Latah and Whitman. The Palouse cities and Moscow are in a state of heavy flood.

The Creek is overflowing and may reach moderate flooding stages. Cited by National Weather Service, minor floods are also expected near Potlatch.

Flood Advisory alert

Heavy Flood drenched Palouse cities and Moscow!

Following a round of heavy rainfall, many cities in the Palouse are under real Flood, as reported.

In essence, a Flood Advisory suggests the flows of rivers or streams have increased or there is an inevitable pooling of water in the different areas of Moscow.

Hazardous Weather Outlook

No wonder, if the water in Paradise Creek surpasses 10 feet and water might flood homes near Bridge and Hillcrest intersection along with 5th intersection. Also, flood watch issued for countries of Latah and Whitman is a result of this weather.

The prediction states, Paradise Creek to pass 2 feet flood stage. The sharp increase in rainfall suggested river to rise above flood stage, National Weather Service stated.

Heavy Flood drenched Palouse cities and Moscow!

Bridge Street and Hillcrest drive may at that stage also flow into an intersection.  This certainly leads to backing up of water on Roosevelt Street through heavy storm drains.


  • Avoid walking through Flood waters or driving through them.
  • 2 feet of your vehicle can sweep you away.
  • 6 inch of water is enough to knock you down.

Stay Safe!

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