Fortnite Season X: Out of Time New skins, emotes and gliders revealed

Fortnite Season 10: New skins, emotes and gliders revealed

For all the gamers, who have been waiting for Fornite Season X from a long time, the Epic has revealed some fantastic new features with the game. Epic calls the latest season Fortnite Season X: Out of Time. And, they have revealed the unique features of the game in Patch Notes. This includes the new places that you can explore, and the fantastic new emotes, gliders, and skins.

What’s new with Fortnite Season X?

  • The new season of the game will allow the players to gift a Battle Pass to their friends in the game. The pass costs 950 V-Bucks and is available now to buy.
  • The Season X has also brought in a two-person-vehicle. In the vehicle B.R.U.T.E, one player controls the vehicle while the other controls the weapons.
  • Also, there are twists in the Rift Zones. As it seems like the places which seemed to be meaningless in the previous seasons, now have some role.
  • The dedicated players will also get rewards as they level up. And the most fantastic bonus till now is the Ultimate Knight Outfit that unlocks at Tier 100.

New Battle Pass Skins

Fortnite Season X: New skins, emotes and gliders revealed

Fortnite Season X (Source: GameSpot)

The most attracting part of the Fortnite Season X is that it has unveiled some amazing battle skins. The details of these skins are as follows:

1. X-Lord
Fortnite Season X: New skins, emotes and gliders revealed

X-Lord (Source: Newsweek)

It seems like the Epic Games has brought back Rust Lord to the game in a new style. The shirtless Rust Lord reveals six-packs, tattoos, and much more. This means the makers have tried making him look sexier in the latest season.

2. Catalyst

The Catalyst was introduced to us in some pre-season teasers. She seems like Female Drift. She also possesses a Kitsune Mask in a shade of black. Though she looks a generic 20 in the beginning but brings twists further.

3. Tilted Teknique

Like, Rust Lord, Tilted Teknique also possesses the same sort of style as she did in season 4. But what makes her new is the looks. She is now wearing a sleeveless tee and paint-stained pants.

4. Sparkle Supreme

The Sparkle Supreme seems like a lassy disco. The last unlockable style of Sparkle Supreme fetches some disco-ball lights too.

5. Eternal Voyager

The previous Dark Voyager was already amazing. But, the new Eternal Voyager is no less than it. The Eternal Voyager is a greener version of predecessor. And you get to see more of him when he takes off his helmet.

6. Ultima Knight

The beefy, Ultima Knight is a combination of the Ice King and Ruin. However, there are more unlockable styles available for the beast.

7. Yond3R
Fortnite Season X: New skins, emotes and gliders revealed

Yond3r (Source: YouTube)

The party-lover Yond3R seems pretty different from the other DJs. In the beginning, he is seen wearing an LED jacket over a black suit.

Apart from these, the game will also have many other new additions. To know more about Fortnite Season X, keep following us on The Geek Herald!

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