Fortnite Xbox Cup tournament offers $1 million as prize money

Fortnite Xbox Cup

Are you an Xbox gamer?? If yes then you must have at least once dreamt of a game that shall pay you for playing it. You must have questioned the Almighty at least once, why is playing games not considered as a profession?? Something that can help you in garnering money??

Well, it looks like God has not been turning a deaf ear towards you all this while. He was just busy planning a scheme that can make your dreams come true!! Join and play Fortnite Xbox Cup, prove your worth and get 1 million dollars in return!!!

Xbox Fortnite Cup tournament offers $1 million as prize money!

Xbox Fortnite Cup
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Fortnite Xbox Cup Solo Tournament

It is never to miss, hard to resist opportunity for Xbox players. All you have to do is prove your world-wide dominance of Fortnite Battle Royale and grab the money. However, the 2-day long offer is only valid for Xbox Live Gold membership holders!!

The exclusive console tournament will run from 20th July to 21st July and is open for all. Players just have to play while the event is in progress and they will be marked and ranked. The position secured by players on 20th July will determine whether they can contest the tournament on 21st or not.

The online qualifiers can begin the Xbox Cup race on 20th around 15:00 if Paris’s time is considered. At the end of the day, the top 3000 players will be allowed to move to next day game as well. The game on the second day shall begin at the same time as the first day.

Points to keep in mind, if you dream of winning!!

Fortnite Xbox Cup tournament offers $1 million as prize money

Be ready!
Source: Epic Games

The tournament holds separate point system which must be taken into account. Aiming for just Royal Victory will not do the trick, playing smart is important. The marking system is as follows:

[1] Royal victory will be awarded 10 points

[2] 2nd to 5th position will be awarded 7 points

[3] 6th to 15th position will be awarded 5 points

[4] Each elimination will be rewarded with 1 point

So be careful, elimination is important dear mates!!

One more thing if you think that if you win you then you shall get the entire 1 million dollars then you are wrong. The prize money has been distributed. $5000 will be rewarded to North America and Europe winners. While $3,500 to Asia, Brazil and Oceania winners!

So get ready for the Fortnite Xbox Cup.

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