Fox Sports will once again use IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Tech

Fox Sports will once again use IBM Watson's AI technology

Fox Sports(FS) and IBM Watson Media’s launched their first ever historical Artificial Intelligence collaboration in the year 2018. It was during the time when the entire world’s eye was turned to Russia because of the FIFA World Cup. However, that was not the end for FS is planning to do it again.

Fox Sports and IBM Watson are coming together for FIFA’s Women’s World Cup

Fox Sports will once again use IBM Watson's AI technology

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Programming and properties of Fox Sports combined with IBM Watson Media’s AI video technology is once again coming our way. This time because of FIFA Women’s World Cup. It appears as Fox is continuing its experiment with the AI technology of IBM Watson.

Fox Sports is not the first ones to bring AI in their working pattern. Hollywood has already been doing experiments with it for quite some-time, trying to lessen its work-load. From filmmaking to identifying clips, from animating digital characters to bring bringing them to life AI has seen and done it all.

What is Fox’s plan this time??

As far as FS new experiment is concerned it’s a new broadcast segment named as “Player Spotlight”. It is created with the help of IBM Watson Media and works to locate as well as create a statistical analysis.

“Player Spotlight” garners information from Opta. Opta is a data provider, which musters and then analyzes every-single goal, pass and even penalty kicks. Fox Sports is going to use “Player Spotlight” as a helper. Commentators will interact directly with “Player Spotlight” by using its navigation functions that will fetch them the answer of their queries.

Fox Sports will once again use IBM Watson's AI technology

FIFA Women’s World Cup once again brings Fox Sports together with Watson
Source: FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019

The tool provides them with data and analytics as well as important highlights that can be referred on-air by broadcasters.

During Men’s World Cup of FIFA in the year, 2018 Watson’s AI was in the Highlight Machine. It was accessible through Application and on their website named as FoxSports.com.

Well, let’s see if this trick of Fox Sports will help them in collecting more audience or not!!

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