Free Comic Book Day: Which manga series is your all time favourite?

Free comic book day

Manga – comics or cartoons has a different fan base. Its starts from a really young age. And I was one of them. Free Comic Book Day is near. Find a Manga comic store to wind around best options available.

Special editions, samples of best Manga titles are out every now and then. This along with other Manga from old school days have a great impression on everyone. Manga has a huge list of genres like horror, fantasy action, sci-fi, romance, history and the list goes on.

Comic Book Day: Manga that are a must read

Riverdale: A teen comic with best-rated TV series and a Manga comic – Great combination. The love which begins in summer. With a twist of love triangle, secrets and a handful of romance.

Free Comic Book Day –Manga can be your all time favourite

Manga comics that are all time favorite

Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun): It derails the slice of life and the works of Inio Asano are tremendously extraordinary. The way he pictures the small dents of life into the modern youth world is a beauty in itself. If someone wants to go through his works, they may start with Solanin (story of a young girl and her boyfriend who plays guitar in Tokyo).

Pokémon and Pokémon Adventures: How could someone miss the legendary Manga comic?  Ash becomes friend with Pikachu and they try to find other Pokémons. They plan and sneak every inch to catch them. The storyline of true friendship in this comic.

Kurosagi (the Black Swindler): A psychological suspense which revolves around a character who finds revenge on other Swindlers. The story goes around to find the main culprit who once destroyed his family. Swindlers are of 3 types: 1) White Swindlers, those who try to defraud others. 2) Red Swindlers, those defraud by sexual pleasures or attractions. 3) Black Swindlers, is Kurosaki who chase other Swindlers.

Free Comic Book Day –Manga can be your all time favourite

Other Manga like Kino’s journey, the Promised Neverland, Robotech, My Hero Academia, Disney Descendants, Fuan No Tane (seeds of anxiety) and the list goes on.

What are you planning to get a grab on? Join the comic book stores near you. Find a new pile of readings. There is also a list of comics listed in the official website for Free Comic Book Day.

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