Game of Thrones 8 Updates: The Rating Records are Shattered


The popular series Game of Thrones 8 has set crazy records as of now. People are reciprocating immense love and response for the series. The HBO hits showed a huge mass of 17.4 million viewers on Sunday after the airing and the streaming of the videos.

Game of Thrones 8 Updates: The stats

Season 8 of GOT is one of the biggest success in the history of HBO. This is also the most watch entertainment content for the whole year. This broke the record of an entertainment program known as the “Big Bang Theory” of CBS. This had 14.1 million viewers.

Broadcast issue of HBO

The broadcast network of HBO is available in fewer homes which is also a considerable factor. The number of viewers even surpasses the record of the last year which hit the screens a couple of years back.

The number of viewers recorded overnight for the seventh season was around 16.9 million. The show was also not able to create such a response as expected.

Game of Thrones VIII Updates: the Rating Records are Shattered

Game of Thrones Season 8 breaks all records Source: Informnny

The HBO has also lost many of the dish subscribers in a dispute of the contract in the December month last year. The streaming partners were also not included while counting in the members generated in the first rounds.

A critical glance at Game of Thrones 8

Game of Thrones is one of the rarest drama that has been able to grab a major part of the people’s attention. The Walking Dead aired in AMC used to exceed the ratings of the GOT Season 8. As of now, the ratings of The Walking Dead is 5 million per week.

Game of Thrones VIII Updates: the Rating Records are Shattered

Fans are super excited as season 8 of GOT finally airs
Source: China Daily

A news daily in the UK had spoken about the return of the Game of Thrones as the top viewed show for the month. But the truth behind the whole story is that HBO even does not know the most crucial information. The information is of the total views taking all the methods of distributions in accounts.

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