Game of Thrones Creators taking over the Next Star Wars Movie!

Game of Thrones is creators taking over the Next Star Wars movie

Yes, you may read that twice. Game of Thrones creators taking over the Next Star Wars movie! It is of no secret that Game of Thrones has washed the brains of people in a good way! The series has created magic. There is at least one news per day either about Game of Thrones or about its cast. Not just this, the fans and the critics to are in news just because of Game of Thrones! While Game of Thrones has a separate fan base, so has Star Wars because it has conquered many hearts!

Game of Thrones is creators taking over the Next Star Wars movie

The Amalgamation of the deal.
Source – Comic Book

Game of Thrones and Star Wars Movie: The Amalgamation

It is said that Walt Disney Company put their films out on slates a week ago. These slates contained the three mystery Star Wars films too. These films were dated in far future years. The source of this news was the Disney CEO, Bob Iger himself. This was in the MoffettNathanson Media Summit.

He said that the creators of GOT would have the privilege to work on the next batch of Star Wars movies. This has indeed created a huge stir in the whole industry, showing that the creators of GoT have it all. He also said that a time span of three years was enough to take rest, break and brainstorm for three movies!

Game of Thrones is creators taking over the Next Star Wars movie!

The trilogy is soon to be released.
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The further lead

Though, it was revealed last year itself that the Star Wars franchise would be given to the creators of GOT, the pair would create a trilogy completely separate from previous movies. The trilogy would be the Stars Wars; The Last Jedi. The creators of Game of Thrones are taking over the Next Stars Wars movie is now confirmed and both the fans cannot wait for it. They are excited to see nostalgia and idea blended into one beautiful trilogy!

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