Game of Thrones season finale – New leaders from Westeros


Game of Thrones season finale is finally out on HBO and fans expectation are let down. Over time numerous murders and mayhem have happened with the Westeros. After all, this does anyone care who sits on the iron throne? The season finale counters a small list of rulers to take over the thrones. Whereas, a lot has been murdered from the seven kingdoms for innumerable reasons.

Over the past season’s leaders from High Garden, the Vale, and Casterly Rock have decayed. However, the Game of Thrones season finale retreats a lot of unskilled or no heirs left behind. But, a new gathering of heirs has united due to the turmoil created by Cerci, the Night King and Dany.

Game of Thrones season finale – new leaders from Westeros

At the season finale, Jon Snow killed Dany

Game of Thrones season finale – who died and outlive

Bronn from Blackwater was given to rule over Highgarden and Yara Greyjoy commands the Iron Islands. In addition, Arryn was positioned as the head of Vale. Whereas, Baratheon was declared a rightful heir rather being called a bastard.

To assume a democratic rule the lords and ladies don’t jump at the conclusion that rightful heir should be chosen by the public. But, the only thing that the whole season backed up was War.

Game of Thrones season finale – New leaders from Westeros

At last, not only Dany stayed alive even the Iron Throne that mattered the most was melted down by Drogon. Before the season finale, when Dany made a bad decision and was responsible for killing her own folks.

The legal heirs who all supported her made a move to kill her. Jon snow, another legal heir passed the quick blade and made her bleed to death.

Game of Thrones season finale – new leaders from Westeros

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Who was successful for the Throne?

Finally, the most key position for the Westeros and who should win it. The key players decided to offer the position to Bran – the teenage who bounds himself in the wheelchair. However, the man was an omniscient and he got more stories, who literally saw the wholeness of human experience.

The acceptance as a key position was reluctant. Moreover, Bran wanted Tyrion Lannister as his hand of the monarch.

Game of Thrones season finale is streaming now. Was the decision correct to make Bran – the king where nothing was left?

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