Game of Thrones Series Finale: We Never saw it Coming

Game of Thrones Series Finale: We Never saw it Coming

The Game of Thrones season 8 has finally come to end. There was so much roar and excitement for the last episode. The finale episode of Game of Thrones saw record-breaking TRP in history of HBO. But was the conclusion justified? The critics are emphasizing well on how the story ended so abruptly.

The last of spoilers in Game of Thrones series

The Game of Thrones season 8 has finally come to end.

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The episode saw the surprise return of Ghost and his reunion with Snow, Tormund and Windlings. In the 4th episode of Game of Thrones season 8, after Jon Snow left Winterfell with Daenerys to march towards King’s Landing; he sent Ghost off with Tormund and wildlings.

Fans thought it to be the last for Ghost, but surprisingly he didn’t. The pale dire wolf of Snow made a comeback in finale episode.

The rumors of Jon killing Daenerys came true in the last episode. Jon tells Tyrion while contemplating his choice of slaying Daenerys that Love is the death of duty. To which Tyrion replies, “Sometimes, duty is the death of love.”

His betrayal costed him to serve back in the Night’s Watch. It is somehow, still better than death. From the beginning everyone knew he was right. He did what was needed to see the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros flourish.

There’s much more to add up

Game of Thrones Series Finale: We Never See It Coming

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Fans were happy at the reunion of Snow with Tormund and the Wildlings at the last. The return of Ghost truly made his sudden departure in fourth episode more tolerable in the context.

Their impersonal parting led a lot of us to sob badly during the watch. The wolf in the episode was completely CGI. Even director David Nutter stated that the scene of their reunion was played powerfully than they could every imagine.

Ghost was metaphorically a symbol of return of monstrous, magical things.
Jon was already familiar with the pertaining magic things in his way. On his journey of the 8 seasons, he encountered wights, learned about the Night King and the White Walkers and his union with three-eyed Raven. He even rode dragons for a number of times.

Though, the series has officially ended, fans are still coming up with theories of prequel and sequels. Let’s see how the cast makes comeback on the screen again. But we are surely going to miss the kingdom, the queen and it’s witches.

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