Game of Thrones Updates: Surprise ending of the Winterfell Battle


There is a bit of spoiler for the third episode of the eighth season of the Game of Thrones. Being blind to the fact that Arya Stark has killed Night King, the table turns a bit to show Maisie Williams’ arrival.

Like Hit Harrington (Jon Snow), she had hardly been through the script of the eighth season of Games of Thrones. She had gone through some parts of the scripts. She wished to experience the last season by having her cast mates performing around a conference room table in Belfast.

Game of Thrones: Williams not aware of the script

Maisie Williams recalls this saying that she was coming to work and everyone else was talking about the third episode of the season. Her director asked her whether she has gone through the script or not.

Game of Thrones Updates: Surprise ending of the Winterfell Battle

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She then replied to her director that she has not completely been through the script. Further, her director said that he won’t tell her about it then.

Williams has difficulty in understanding in disinclination. She then puts up various questions like are where they all fighting wights? How can the Night King die? Who kills him? Etc. No one said anything and again she asked why no one is saying anything.

She felt like crazy at that point in time. While reaching the end of third episode where it shows that Arya saves the seven kingdoms by showing his acting skills. The action has many stabs and kicks. The Valyrian steel dagger he has, shone brightly as he put that into action. This was capable of a huge cheer.

Game of Thrones Updates: Surprise ending of the Winterfell Battle

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Character of Willaims

The character witnessed an elevtaion to the peak of success. This was not at all something that people have thought of. Williams said that she initially was in a perception that everyone would hate her but things just changed.

She also says that the toughest thing is when a villain is really strong. This takes something else to convince the audience about the defeat of the villain.

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