Gears 5 Xbox One X: Microsoft unveils the console

Gears 5 Xbox One X: Microsoft unveils the console

The gamers might be very excited about the launch of new Gears 5 Xbox One X which is approximately a month away. However, the looks have already been revealed via leaks. But no doubt that Xbox One X is going to be a huge package.

New leaks via Amazon Italy

Gears 5 Xbox One X: Microsoft unveils the console

Microsoft unveils Gears 5 Xbox One X (Source: Xbox)

All thanks to Amazon Italy for revealing the Gears 5 Xbox One X. Now, we get to know the following from the leak:

  1. The Gears 5 bundle will contain both a specialized look of the console and the game.
  2. Probably, Xbox One X will come in ash white/grey color. And, it will have the symbol of Gears of War on the top.
  3. Also, the controller that will come with the Gears 5 will match the look and appearance of the console.

According to Amazon, the bundle will release on 6th September 2019. During this release, the Gears 5 Xbox One X will be available for early access. And soon, it might appear for pre-order on other retail sites also.

Microsoft unveils the console

After the leaks surfaced online, Microsoft opted to unveil the Xbox One X console. The tech giant celebrated the launch of its new Xbox One X controller and console. And, it looks quite similar to the previously leaked images.

Gears 5 Xbox One X: Microsoft unveils the console

Xbox One X (Source: Xbox)

And, Microsoft has put the gaming device for pre-ordering on the Xbox One website. So, those who have been waiting since long can now get their Gears 5 Xbox One X controller. The device is currently priced at $499.

Gears 5 Xbox One X: What’s inside the box?

Many of you might be wondering what all you get if you pre-order the device. So, the limited edition bundle is purely made for a Gears of War fan. Because it includes Gears of War Ultimate Edition, GoW 2, GoW 3 and GoW 4. And, apart from this, the device also includes the new Gears 5 controller. However, this controller will also be available to buy separately from August. According to sources, it will cost $74.99.

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