Gen Con 2019: Schedule, events, entry and participation details


If you are a player by nature and is a citizen of North America as well, or by any chance happen to be staying there, then my friends it’s fate telling you to attend the Gen Con 2019. Yes, the best 4 days in Gaming is coming back to Indianapolis Convection Center.

So if you are somewhere else and wants to attend it then hurry up cause the clock is ticking. However, don’t worry I have got you covered with all the important data that you should know about!

Gen Con 2019 is back to smitten all game-lovers!

The Gen Con 2019 is here!
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Gen Con 2019: History and Present combined

The Gen Con is coming back for the year and will be held at its usual place, ie.. The Indianapolis Convention Center. The largest gaming convention, Gen Con 2019 shall begin on 1st of August and will run up-till 4th. Well, just to test the knowledge of all game-lovers do you know which year marks the origination of Gen Con.

Well, if you just now shouted 1986 then I confirm you as a die-heart fan of gaming! The event shifted to Indy in the year 2003 and ever since then is being held there.

The convection is solely dedicated to all things related to games, which includes tournaments, costume contest, art and guest-appearance. Well, I agree with you the last one mentioned has less to do with gaming and more to do with promotion!

Details of the events

Gen Con 2019 is back to smitten all game-lovers!

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So now comes the turn of the details that you must remember. The running hours of Gen Con 2019 are

[1] Thursday   –    10 am to 6 pm

[2] Friday        –    10 am to 6 pm

[3] Saturday   –    10 am to 6 pm

[4] Sunday      –    10 am to 4 pm

The Costume parade shall be held on Saturday at around 3 pm, while the Costume Contest is destined to be conducted on the same day at around 4 pm.

Now, that you are fully prepared with all events on your fingertips, the question how can I attend it? must be percolating in your mind. Don’t worry I am here!

How to confirm your entry and participation?

To start with you must create or sign in to any Gen Con account and then purchase a badge. The process of buying a badge is important for it caters as your entry pass to Gen Con 2019. Event Ticket holders don’t panic! Its presence confirms your presence in scheduled events.

Several events are free, but your entry is confirmed by the ticket. Now comes the topic of what is the cost of the badge? There are different types of badge, you can choose and pick the ones you like! The Badges are as follows-

[1] 4-Day: $110

[2] Thursday: $60

[3] Friday: $60

[4] Saturday: $75

[5] Sunday: $15

The 4-Day badge and Saturday badge are already sold out so trying your luck is not possible. The rest are still available so go grab them!

For more updates and information stay tuned to The Geek Herald.

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