George Clooney Rumors: Hollywood Star wants $1 Million Funeral For Himself


Is George Clooney planning his star-studded funeral that will cost him $1 million? Let’s get to the full story.

A tabloid reported that the actor is planning his own funeral in the lockdown period. According to a source, Clooney has kept around $1 million from his grand $500 million fortune for his funeral.

Why is Clooney already onto this morbid planning?

The actor’s wife and children are one of the reasons that are driving him into making these decisions now. Clooney believes that making these essential decisions about his funeral will save his family the expenses and hassle of organizing one. Not only the cost, but Clooney has also started deciding little details of the funeral.

He’s even planning finer details like what suit he’ll be wearing and the cuff links.

It was also claimed that Clooney wants a ‘Hollywood send off’ in some huge cathedral like St. Patrick’s in New York or Westminster Abbey in London. It doesn’t matter that St. Patrick’s is catholic while Westminster Abbey is Angelican. Even though Clooney was raised Catholic, he doesn’t believe himself to be one. The attendees list would obviously include all the A-list celebrity friends of Clooney.

The actor’s health issues are also pushing him to make such decisions now. The source said,

There’s a definite sense of mortality as he nears 60, plus he’s had some major medical issues in his life that he’d be foolish to ignore.

Has Clooney actually planned his funeral?

The source has only mentioned some vague church names without any backing. Also the actor’s age and past injuries won’t push the actor into making such hasty decisions. The story seems completely false and made up.

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