George R.R. Martin assures fans that The Winds of Winter will release soon


George R.R. Martin is still working on the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire book series. The fifth book in the series was released nine years ago. Fans have been waiting patiently since then for the sixth book in the series. They are anticipating that it will release soon.

Martin admitted that the book is long due and could have been released sooner. However, he did not give any reasons for delay in the book’s release. Fans convinced themselves by believing that Martin has been busy with other stuff and didn’t get much time to work on the book.

Why was the sixth book delayed?

Since 2011, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire book series has been working on HBO’s Game of Thrones production. This historical drama is based Martin’s book series. The show had a total of eight seasons. However, the show concluded even before the end of the book series.

Martin is still working on the book series and the show has concluded with a different ending already. Other books were published before the production of Game of Thrones. Apart from the show, the old author has also been busy with other events and invitations as he never turn down anything.

The Winds of Winter is taking longer than usual, but fans still have hope. Martin assured the fans that he would complete the book by the 2020 Worldcon. However, he couldn’t keep his promise. But now he is working diligently on the sixth book.

He said,

I am spending long hours every day on ‘THE WINDS OF WINTER’ and making steady progress. I finished a new chapter yesterday, another one three days ago, another one the previous week.

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