Ghostbusters first on-set photo leak and much more!

Ghostbusters first on-set photo leak and more ...

Ghostbusters director Jason Reitman shared on-set pictures of the upcoming movie.

Reitman also included the caption with the picture, he wrote: “The family’s all here.” Ghostbuster has always been a fan favourite. It has a long history before even most of us were born.

The first movie was released in the USA on 8th June 1984. The film was a blend of comedy, action and fantasy. The original cast of Ghostbusters included Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in the lead. This film is considered a classic-comedy of all-times. It was directed by father of Jason Reitman, Ivan Reitman.

'Ghostbusters' first on-set photo leak and more ...

A reboot of the classic film was launched in 2016 named Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. It was directed by Paul Fig. Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth were the lead in the movie. The movie was not well received by the audience and had mixed reviews.

'Ghostbusters' first on-set photo leak and more ...


However, the new Ghostbusters will star Carrie Coon, McKenna Grace and  Finn Wolfhard. It may also include some members of the original Ghostbusters such as Bill Murray.

The film has already begun shooting in  Calgary which is in Canada. It was a rumour that the film’s sequences will take place in a small town which seems true now. Moreover, the film is set to be more of a sequel to the classic rather than a reboot in itself.

The family will be back in the small town and will dive deeper into their own selves to find out who they actually are. The recent interview with Jason revealed further that the movie will be a tribute to the cult classic. Moreover, it will be a blend of Horror and Comedy.

Humourist and our own ‘Ant-Man’ has also joined the cast. Paul Rudd will make an appearance in the movie and has an ‘important role’ in it. The film will be a tribute to the legend ‘Harold Ramis’ who was the co-writer to the original classic. However, he passed away in 2014.

Ghostbusters has always been close to the heart of fans of all ages. This movie is liked by all masses and hopefully, it will last longer in the hearts of Bill Murray fans.

It is scheduled to release in 2020.

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