Ric Flair Former Wrestler’s Surgery a Success: Glad Tidings


Former legend wrestler, Ric Flair underwent heart surgery on Sunday in Atlanta. Hopefully, the surgery went successful.

The on-going medical issue of Ric Flair with lots of guesswork

Glad Tidings: Former Wrestler Ric Flair Had a "Successful" Heart surgery

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Flair went to see the doctor for a medical issue in Atlanta a week before and was hospitalized. The issues are still unspecified. No other person besides the family and doctors has any clue about Flair’s medical condition.

According to sources, Flair was operated under an ‘extremely serious’ medical emergency. He reported to undergo the surgery on Friday, but due to some sudden complications, the doctors made it to Monday.

However, the family has a different say in the matter. According to his son in law, Thompson, the procedure was not a last-minute medical surgery. He further notified that nothing serious has happened to Flair. They put a hold on all rumours by calling it a ‘planned procedure.’

Moreover, the family made it clear that they aren’t at liberty to have a detailed discussion on his condition.

Is Ric’s in good spirits?

Glad Tidings: Former Wrestler Ric Flair Had a "Successful" Heart surgery

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Flair had plans to join the wrestling convention in Las Vegas on May 25. But he abruptly withdrew himself from the event.

The nature boy has had similar incidences happening to him. In 2017, he went into a coma for more than 11 days. He had his intestine ruptured and it seem impossible to save him. But he somehow made it.

He had a piece of bowel(intestine) removed in order to survive. He even mentioned the incidence in his autobiography, ‘Ric Flair: To Be the Man.’  He admitted to suffering from alcoholic cardiomyopathy, a cardiac condition caused by prolonged alcohol addiction. Before Flair, his own son Reid died of drug abuse in 2013.

After a series of troughs, Flair has a happy family now. He has performed along with his WWE star daughter, Charlotte a number of times. Besides it, he married last year to the fifth time to Wendy Barlow.

Flair continued to his wrestling legacy even in his 60s. We hope to see him in the ring soon.

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