Glad Tidings: Korean Pop Band ABXI6 Has Officially Debuted

Glad Tidings: Korean Pop Band ABXI6 Has Officially Debuted

The Asian pop band, AB6IX has made an official debut in the music industry. Their debut album B:COMPLETE has taken the internet on storm in only few hours of it’s release. The title song “Breathe” is purely beautiful.

B:COMPLETE : The journey has just begun

Glad Tidings: Korean Pop Band ABXI6 Has Officially Debuted

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It was the evening of May 22 when the all-boys band dropped their first album on Internet. The album has seven enriching songs in the list, while Breathe , being the title song. Breathe is the story of every millennium guy, who faces the societal pressure and sees music as their escape zones. Lee Dae has co-composed the song.

Interestingly, all five members sat in sides to pen down the whole album. However, Young Min and Park Woo have majorly written the tracks. The album is inspired from deep house music and features several elements of the same.

Furthermore, the band surprised it’s fanbase by officially approving a name for their fandom- ABNEW. What day could have been more better to show a sense of gratitude towards the fanbase.

AB6IX: the new pop sensation in the town

Glad Tidings: Korean Pop Band ABXI6 Has Officially Debuted

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“Absolute Six” abbreviated as AB6IX is a South Korean band of five members- Lim Young-min, Jeon Woong, Park Woo-jin, Lee Dae-hwi and Kim Dong-hyun.The name reflects their gratitude towards their fandom, as they say, a blend of their fans’ support and five members together can attain absolute perfecrion.

The name has an another meaning too- Above BrandNew Six that shows their hopes and aspirations to open up horizons of Brand New Music.
The group met at Produce 101 S2 for the first time, where they competed against each other.

Dae- hwi achieved 3rd place in the series while Woo-jin, Young-min and Dong-hyun were ranked 6th, 15th and 28th respectively. Gradually, they become good friends and formed their temporary band, Wanna One. Since then, the group is climbing the ladders of success profoundly.

The band, AB6IX has truly remarkable talents and we hope to see the k-pop sensation to bring us more from their culture.

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