Pokemon GO Global Fest by Niantic, Rewards, High XP and more

Global Fest Pokemon GO Rewards, High XP and more

The legendary game Pokemon GO by Niantic is still ongoing and with the Global Fest on the run, fans are getting many rewards with a lot of fun. They had various challenges and rewards for the same.

Many fans attended the Global Fest of Pokemon GO at Dortmund. All the three teams including the Pokemon GO fanfest attendees had to unlock quests and perform challenges. They were able to finish off all the required challenges and also had a lot of time to explore around the ground setup.

The final ‘Task-Meter’ looked like this,

Global Fest Pokemon GO Task-Meter

Pokemon GO Global Fest XP and Rewards

The last challenge during the fest had some unique candy-based rewards. They revolved around increasing the XP drastically. They include:

  • Mystic Team: 2X Raid XP  and took 15,000,000 research tasks to unlock it.
  • Valor Team: 3x Hatch XP and took equivalent to Mystic Team, 15,000,000 research tasks to unlock
  • Instinct Team: 1-hour Lucky Eggs were unlocked and took 15,000,000 research tasks.
  •  Attendees in the GO Fest Dortmund: 3x Catch XP were unlocked and took 1,000,000 research tasks which were significantly lesser than the previous three.
  • A three-hour long “Entei Raid Day” on Sunday.
  • This will be held on July 14.
  • This will be completed with an opportunity to encounter the legendary shiny Entei.

Entei still isn’t as legendary as Raikou but still comes under the term ‘Legend’. The Entei Raid day will include the double raid XP. This would mean that hatching a ‘lucky egg’ will earn you a legendary 40,000 XP. This XP earned is per raid.

All these are short cheat tricks to make you level up with ease. Moreover, The end challenge set will be held at the Pokemon birthplace: Japan. All favourite and the hate-love relationship of ‘Team Rocket’ was already seen in the fest. Still, fans anticipate this is not all that Niantic is holding. Maybe a big surprise is still awaiting fans in Japan.

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