Goku vs Hearts reactions, details and much more!

Goku vs Hearts reactions, details and more ...

The pointed ears blonde is back in action to beat Goku. ‘Hearts’ is one arrogant villain as we see in ‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes’.

These series of episodes are a result of promoting the arcade card game based on Dragon Ball. These promotional Anime episodes are surprisingly great and fans are loving them. With non-canon adventures and fights, and the latest Goku vs Hearts fight, fans are applauding the makers.

This fight was previewed in the latest episode (13) and is deemed legendary because of Goku’s evolution into ‘Super Saiyan Blue’. Hearts of the core is one badass villain to fight. As we see in the fight he remains unaffected by most of the attacks of Blue Saiyan form.



The talented maker ‘Naotoshi Shida’ was overwhelmed by fan reaction to the fight. Twitter exploded by fans tweeting about the legendary fight between them and what we can see next. Fans couldn’t stop applauding.


The animation felt out of this world. This episode proved that this series should not be just seen as a promotional series, rather a ‘Good one’. After this legendary fight, the viewers have increased drastically.


Details on HEARTS

Hearts is one arrogant villain. Obviously, he is strong, his arrogance can be seen when he directly went to fight Jiren one-one-one. He keeps his plans on priorities and is not affected by emotions. He also wanted to draw out Goku’s Ultra Instinct ability. In the fight sequence also we see, he becomes happy when Goku converts to SSB form. As he wants to defeat a strong opponent. He can be thought of the exact opposite of Saitama.


With his gravity burst, he has taken down many characters of the Anime. Some characters that couldn’t stand it are, SS Vegeta, Kale and Cabba. His power levels can be imagined as he restrained Jiren once and his power destroyed a nearby planet. He wishes to beat Goku at his best, thus after a full-powered UI is in play, ‘Hearts’ will also fight with full powers.

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