Google celebrates the Summer Solstice with a Doodle

Google celebrates the summer solstice with a doodle

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, today might not be as normal as it looks like. For 21st of June is the summer solstice day and Google is in full mood of celebrating it by a Doodle. So all those living in the Northern Hemisphere today might be an extra-long day for you!!

Google marks the beginning of summer with a cute doodle

Google celebrates the summer solstice with a doodle

21st June: Summer Solstice
Source: NBC New York

Google is celebrating this auspicious day with a quaint doodle dedicated to the summer solstice of the year 2019. The doodle has the personification of a living Earth that is looking up towards its Northern Hemisphere. Nice idea by Google. This is not all!! The Northern Hemisphere of the adorable earth is adorned with a deckchair placed underneath a palm tree.

Well, the cute adorable Earth definitely looks like its enjoying itself and all thanks to Google.

The word solstice owes its origin to the Latin word sol which means sun and sisters. In all meaning to stand still. Summer solstice takes place on 21st June, every-year allowing people living in the Northern Hemisphere to enjoy daylight for the most amount of time.

All about Summer Solstice

The phenomenon of summer solstice takes place because the Earth is tilted at its greatest angle with respect to Sun. This day is significant as it marks the astrological beginning of the Summer season. However, as far as the meteorological calendar is concerned summer begins on the 1st of June each year.

However, like the other planets of our Solar System, it doesn’t mean that just because it is the longest day it has to be the hottest one too. The hottest day usually takes place after a period of six weeks from the summer solstice.

It is because the great oceans of Earth contain an enormous amount of heat energy which slowly change the weather. However, keeping the scientific reasons apart, the day even holds some religious and cultural significance.

Google celebrates the summer solstice with a doodle

Thousands of people gathered in the UK to see the sunrise of the longest day!
Source: Evening Standard

The extended amount of daylight provided by this day is considered as a significant cultural event in several countries. The Mirror reported that in the UK some 15,000 people gathered together at the Neolithic monuments. So as to witness the sunrise which took place at around 4:52 am.

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