Google Fast Share a way of competing with Apple’s Airdrop

Fast Share is speculated to be Google's way of competing with Apple's Airdrop

Well, it looks like Google has finally come up with an answer for Apple’s AirDrop. Android’s system of sharing files is quite flexible. However, it is still no match for the simplicity presented by Apple’s Airdrop. Google owns its private system for file sharing called Android Beam. However, it has failed to garner publicity for several reasons. Now Google Fast Share is here to give a competition to AirDrop.

Google is bringing a revolution in the way of sharing files: Fast Share

Fast Share is speculated to be Google's way of competing with Apple's Airdrop

Fast Share is a better option than AirDrop
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Google Fast Share file sharing system is not so popular and the reason behind it is several. The first problem is that one needs NCF for commencing the sharing of files. The second reason for non-popularity is its mode of transfer, which is Bluetooth.

Files take excessively longer to transfer over Bluetooth than they take to do so with the help of Wi-Fi. This small setback must have appeared like a challenge to Google. For Android, Q has a more advanced method of file sharing in-store for us.

This new method of file sharing that will soon be introduced by Google Android Q is called Fast Share. The opening screen of Fast Sharing introduces its features to the viewers. It even tells the people about the various things its capable of doing.

Fast Share is the future of file sharing

Fast Share is speculated to be Google's way of competing with Apple's Airdrop

Now share files without internet access
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Fast Sharing even has the ability to transfer files without the access of internet. This new system seems like a hybrid of the old one combined with Wi-Fi effects. Once Fast Sharing is on, it uses Bluetooth in-order to identify nearby devices. As soon as that is done it creates an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection between the devices.

The ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection serves the purpose of transferring the file efficiently from one device to another. The overall sharing process of Fast Sharing is much simpler than Apple’s AirDrop. Once the item or data to be transferred is selected the option of Fast-Sharing appears along with the other options.

One of the most advantageous options of the sharing system is “preferred visibility”. Preferred visibility allows chosen members to identify your phone even when Fast Share if turned off. Thereby allowing them to see your status without turning Fast Share on.

The question that which Android versions can support it still remains unknown. Many speculations say that some previous versions may get an entry. However, nothing is for sure about it right now.

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