Google Fuchsia OS site goes live for developers

Google's new Fuchsia OS site goes live for developers

Till now, Google had always kept all the information about their new OS Fuchsia under the wraps. But we all knew that Google was silently working on this project. And now, they have made the new documentation site Fuchsia.dev live with a set of instructions. The instructions seem similar like the previous Fuchsia Git but now with a Google-owned domain.

A Great Help for Developers

The new Fuchsia is aimed at providing tons of documentation to developers. This will help them to learn more about them and even develop apps if they are inclined towards the new OS. However, Google has not yet cleared its aim of developing Fuchsia. But, according to current thinking, Fuchsia will replace those underlying frameworks that power the Android Apps.

Fuchsia Documentation

The main centre of curiosity for the developers is the System Documentation Section. This section mainly explains the particulars behind the working of Fuchsia. The documentation contains the following particulars:

Google's new Fuchsia OS site goes live for developers

Unlike, Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia does not work on Linux, it uses a unique microkernel called Zircon. The documentation section also consists of a separate sub-section on working of Zircon.

How to work on Fuchsia?

If you are interested in working on Fuchsia software, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the developer documentation site- Fuchsia.
  2. Setup a build environment.
  3. Boot into Fuchsia.
  4. Enjoy working.

Fuchsia consists of the following languages:

Google's new Fuchsia OS site goes live for developers

Fuchsia will definitely become a boon for the developers in future. Like, all other Google services Fuchsia has also started gaining popularity.

For more updates on Fuchsia OS, keep watching this space!

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