Google I/O 2019: Is your Personal Information Safe with Google?

Google I/O 2019

Google I/O 2019 developer conference in San Francisco concluded a couple of days ago. The company announced a plethora of updates among its products.

The release of the Android Q beta, augmented reality in Google Search and Duplex on the web, were the highlights. The company also announced the release of its Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones.

Google also took to discussion some severe issues related to Artificial Intelligence and Privacy at Google I/O 2019.

Google I/O 2019: Infiltration of privacy by AI

The company took into account that a lot of users across the globe are showing concern. They’re worried about the way the devices are using their personal data.

Google I/O 2019

Privacy concerns discussed at Google I/O 2019
Source: Hacker Noon

In response, the company published a list of privacy commitments with regards to its hardware products. It displayed how personal data is used, and how it can be controlled.  The document shows for instance that the new hardware from Google known as the Nest Hub Max relies heavily on facial recognition but doesn’t send its data to the cloud.

Google also showcased an AI approach that facilitates model training. It aggregates samples that are sent to the cloud for processing, it anonymizes and encrypts them. Google said that even its keyboard is using the same approach known as federated learning to improve predictions.

Google: ability to delete private data

The company announced that users will now be able to delete their location data. Chrome adds a new feature. It prevents the tracking of users by ad networks.

Google I/O 2019

Source: Digital Trends

Google also teased an Incognito mode for Google Maps in which they will not store the location history and navigated places.

Google is hoping to be in the good books of its users with all these privacy-related announcements. What will come of it though, only time will tell.

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