Google IO 2019: All the Important Predictions Assembled here for you

Google IO 2019:All the Important Predictions Assembled here for you

What is Google IO 2019? Every year Google conducts an event where they announce about upcoming new hardware, software and various updates for an existing application. It will start from Tuesday, May 7 and will go till May 9 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

Google will publish the whole video of the event and will also go live on YouTube. Moreover, Google uses a raffle system and selects random people from among those who have registered themselves on the company’s website.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for the tickets. If you are selected you will have to pay $1150 for “general admission”, $750 for ” community”, $375 for “academic”. But the sad part is registration has been closed now. So if you have already registered yourself then you will get notified.

What can we expect at Google IO 2019?

In this event, we will get to know about the upcoming operating version of Google which is currently known as “Android Q”. But Google has already previewed the first and second developers of Android Q.

Usually, Google uses the IO conference to make the first public Betas available and initial Betas have given us a good peak already. Android Q- will support different accent colors, easy WiFi sharing with QR codes. It will also have adjust notification sharing. They will also add a screen desktop mode and many more functions will be added.

Google Stadia

Google IO 2019: All the Important Predictions Assembled here for you

Google announced its Gaming Platform called Stadia in March. So in this event, we are sure to get more information about this amazing platform.

Google will offer various benefits along with Stadia, The very first one is, this platform is easily compatible with Google web browser and Chromecast Ultra on laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones.

You can also switch from one device to another in just a few seconds and also will be able to take their games wherever they want and whenever they want.

The Google platform, Stadia will announce it’s pricing and availability very soon.

Google Pixel 3a

Google IO 2019:All the Important Predictions Assembled here for you

Back in March, we saw early hints about 3a and 3a XL-lower cost version of Google’s premiere smartphone. According to current speculations, the new upcoming pixel device has a similar look to the mainline pixel but have different features in terms of internal storage.

The 3a and 3a XL may likely to have lesser chipset compared to the chipset of regular pixel 3s. Whereas android version is concerned that it has Snapdragon 670 vs Snapdragon 845 and internal storage is up to 64 GB potentially.

Android Automotive OS

Google IO 2019:All the Important Predictions Assembled here for you

We know Google has a number of Android Automotive OS topics for IO 2019. But one thing that we are sure about is Google is going to announce about Third party app development. Last week, Google announced that they are going to open a platform for media app developers so that developers could start building new entertainment experiences for the people.

Nest Hub Max

This year, Google itself leaked the Nest Hub Max smart display. According to the details that were coming from the Google web store but later on removed, “This would be something like a Google Home hub with in-built Nest Camera.

But still, we don’t know what it’s going to exactly look like maybe it might include 10 inch HD screen stereo speakers and the best part is that users will be able to make calls through Google Duo.


Not only these things that we talked about, but Google also has much more surprises for us. These are some possible announcements about different things for the upcoming event of Google.







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