Google makes another effort at social network with Shoelace

Google makes another effort at social network with Shoelace
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Google is about to launch a new social network known as Shoelace. The company has tried several times to create its social network.

Google is yet again trying to experiment with the Shoelace. After Google+ was shut down, let’s hope they have something new to offer to our social media fanatics. However, after numerous failed attempts, they are seeking to help people with a new app.

Google is testing Shoelace

Google has always struggled to cultivate success but never gained any in the social network department. Still, they are always up to face any challenge and will never stop trying. This time, they are attempting to launch a new website called Shoelace. It is a new hyper-local social media platform for people.

Google is a huge company, but unfortunately, they have never tasted success with social networks even after their hard work. All their subsidiaries bit the dust one after the other which includes Google Buzz, Orkut, Buzz and Google+ as well as messaging services Google Wave and Allo.

What is Shoelace?

Shoelace is a new social networking app which connects with individuals based on shared in-person activities and specific events in the area where they live. Opposed to other social networks, it cheers people to spend more time in the real world and less time on their smartphones.

However, this new social network is only available in New York City. Besides, it will soon officially launch in other cities. Right now, the company is testing where it works out or not.

The name Shoelace is inspired by an actual shoelace. Also, just like the shoelace has loops, the social network contains listings of events that can be shared with several people on the app.

You can now be a part of any events and connect with categories of numerous events. Plus, the app checks your preferences and suggests similar new events to you. Also, it is available on iOS and Android phones. Besides, the app was created by Google’s Area 120 during a workshop.

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