Google Maps introduces the new AR navigation: Steps how to use its features

Google Maps AR Navigation

No doubt, GPS has proved to be a boon for those who struggle while finding directions. But, at the same time, Google Maps even left us wandering on the streets looking for the exact location. But, Google Maps’ new AR navigation is surely going to improve the directions. Also, Google has announced the feature and it might roll out in the app soon.

How to use the feature?

To use the feature, you need to enter the desired destination on Google Maps. Then head over to ‘get directions’ and set the mode of transportation to walking. Then tap on ‘Live View’ to start getting AR navigation.

According to sources, the AR feature works by analyzing the buildings around you and comparing them with images that are previously stored in Street View data. And, then pinpoints your location.

Google Maps introduces new AR navigation

Google Maps’ AR Navigation (Source: VRScout)

Google Maps AR navigation and bugs

Although Google has already tested the AR navigation feature, there are still some bugs in the app:

  • When you switch to ‘Live View’, the app asks you to scan the buildings around you to fetch your location. And, many times, the app cannot recognize the buildings that you scan with your phone.
  • However, it becomes a little awkward, to walk around the streets with your phone up and looking for directions.
  • And, if you put your phone down, it will switch to the basic Map view.
  • Also, when the app cannot relocate you, it faces technical issues. The app does not function. Although, exiting and restarting the app can help you in that case.
Google Maps introduces new AR navigation

Google Maps’ AR Navigation Directions (Source: Search Engine Land)

Thus, the new AR navigation cannot be considered completely flawless. But, it is definitely a great initiative to take technology to the next level.

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