Google Maps Update: More Game Less Maps After Live View AR Navigation Update

Google Maps rolls out 'Live View' AR navigation in beta for Android and iOS

Google Maps is one of the most used applications that every one of us has on our phone. Google Maps has been a boon for those who hate traffic jams. For more ease of users, Google is rolling out a beta update for Android and iOS. In this update, Google is releasing a new AR navigation mode.

Google Maps AR navigation mode

Google Maps uses the phone’s imagery to create AR navigation. The Live View uses the phone’s camera to deliver an amazing Augmented Reality navigation experience to the user. Although the feature was previously accessible to the level five Google Local Guides and Pixel phone users, it will now launch on a large scale.

How to use the AR mode?

After knowing about the feature, many of you might be thinking of how to use it. So the steps to use it are quite simple:

  • To use the Live View, you’ll have to tap on “Start AR” button.
  • And after that, you’ll see a screen that looks like much of a game.
  • On the screen, you’ll be able to see your nearby objects with some virtual arrows and signs.

How does the feature work?

You will be amazed to know how this feature works. Like, the AR games, this too makes use of images.

  • To fetch your exact location, Google Maps make use of GPS. And, use the images from Street View’s database to find a known location.
  • To make the results more precise, the app takes a series of images and analyzes them carefully.
  • Then, the app matches those results with your location and then shows AR navigation.

Google Maps upgrades

Google Maps rolls out 'Live View' AR navigation in beta for Android and iOS

AR Navigation in Google Maps (Source: Engadget)

Apart from the AR navigation, Google is also planning to get some other upgrades. These include:

  • Google is also getting a new ‘Reservations’ tab in the Google Maps for your booked flights and hotel stays. What makes it more useful is that this data is backed-up offline.
  • Also, Android users will see a new redesigned Timeline in the app.

Google might also bring some other unique features in the upcoming update. Thus, keep watching this space to keep track of the latest updates!

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