Google Messages Adopts Latest Feature for Android 11


Google has released Android 11 Beta 1, its latest OS comes with several interesting features. Currently, this update is only available for selected devices.

One of the features is bubble chat, allowing users to open chat without interrupting the currently running app. Google Messages appears to provide support for this feature. Previously, the company promised this adaptation a few weeks ago.

To activate this feature, users can go to the app’s setting. There, users may find a new Bubbles item, user can select this option. After the selection, it will take users to a system panel with a new interface for toggling the chat heads.

Information from a Reddit post mentioned users can set up the bubble notifications with beta v.6.3.052 of the app. However, this beta version is only available for limited users, you have to sign up to participate in the program. Sporadic reporting on this Reddit thread indicates that this may be a server-side push, though.

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