Google Pixel 4: Explicit Google images reveal reasons why not to buy Pixel 3

Google Pixel 4: Explicit Google images reveal reasons why not to buy Pixel 3

Well, there is no rivalry when it comes to Android devs in Pixel and Google has left no stone unturned in proving Pixel 3 as the best. Googles Pixel 3 refuses to back down in any Android feature comparison terms. From camera clicks to OS(operating system) compatibility all features are hands down the best in the market. But now Google Pixel 4 is here for us.

Google still stays unrivalled in bloatware and malware free Android-based cell phones and still leads as far as video quality and updates. Discussing the camera, Google included ‘Night Mode‘ in Pixel 3 which takes stunning pictures even in evening time without the utilization of a flash.

Even the cost isn’t unreasonably high for such highlights contrasted with different telephones of higher extents. Pixel 3 comes in two arrangements typical and XL and them two are close to 42,000 to 59,000 INR with a gigantic rebate.

The rivalry to Pixel 3 comes from Google itself in terms of Pixel 4, as the twitter account from Google added the following image of Pixel 4 with the caption.

“Wait ’til you see what it can do. #Pixel4.”


“Google fans” still have decoded what could we expect from Pixel 4.

  1. The even better camera than Pixel 3 with 2-3 rear lenses.
  2. More sensors to boost camera performance with enhanced details.
  3. Either on-screen fingerprint sensor or no fingerprint sensor at all.
  4. Faster facial recognition.
  5. Qualcomm’s 855-speed processor with enhanced OS.
  6. Cutting edge tech with enhanced battery lifespan and cloud storage accompanied by faster human-to-machine interactions.

All-in-all Google’s Pixel 4 will establish the beginning of a new era in smartphones. These are only assumptions made by fan-base of Google and no official statement is released by Google. All we can do is wait for the release which is expected this September-October period. The sneak peek was just a teaser and we can expect loads more from Google. Check out The Geek Herald for exciting updates.

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