Google Play Store hit by new upgraded Anubis and BianLian android malware

Google Play Store hit by new upgraded Anubis and BianLian android malware

The Anubis banking Trojan attracted a lot of news in the last year, the virus is making its way to Android devices. The virus is trespassing into the device through infected downloads from Google Play Store. This new malware is gaining access to the device services. It is able to steal the login credentials of banking apps, payment cards and e-wallets.

Online Banking full of threats:

Google Play Store hit by new upgraded Anubis and BianLian android malware

The malware Anubis was enabled by “dropper” with intentions to harm the device. Anubis has proven the ability to infect Google Play and plant perilous downloads under the appearance of gentle looking apps. BianLian was the dropper who is responsible for dropping Anubis onto devices. The malware disguises by being a simple app like currency converters, discounter apps and device cleaners.

Threat Fabric has reported that in order to stay longer on victims device they have evolved the app nicely. The droppers have worked to make the ratings of the app on Play Store to be nice. The name BianLian originates from a Chinese word. BianLian is a Chinese Theatrical Art of changing from one face to other instantaneously. The researchers have also predicted that BianLian is on the way of becoming a full-blown banking Trojan itself.

Now BianLian has returned to do exactly what the reporters predicted. Researchers at Fortinet have reported that the new and improved version of the Anubis has become a sophisticated malware. Once BianLian gets the accessibility services of device then the attack can easily begin. Financial windows can be recorded using the screencast module to get passwords and username.

Google Play unsafe after all the measures:

Android hit by new Malware: 'Screen records' to steal passwords

A sophisticated channel for communication can easily pass on the details to the cyber criminals for the attack. The dropper is designed in such a way that it steals itself from Google Play security standards easily.

Mobile banking malware has been on rising from a few years as they have tripled in the last few years. A thousand of such apps have been reported and are still available for downloads, so Google has a lot of work to do.

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