Google Removes 25 Dangerous Android Apps, Delete Them Now!


Last month, Google removed more than 50 apps from its Play Store over concerns over annoying adware and unwanted adverts. Now, Google bans another 25 apps over the same threat.

ZDNet reports that the latest attack has been incredibly serious. The apps are targeting users of Facebook and stealing their personal details and credentials. Hackers can use this information and exposing your personal data to dangerous things.

A French cyber-security firm, Evina confirmed this discovery. They mentioned that malware provides the apps access to infiltrate devices by offering genuine functionality. However, once installed, the hidden code starts to steal users’ personal data via some dirty methods. The installation activates the malicious code automatically, it then waits for users to launch Facebook and steal the information.

This malware has the ability to copy the popular social media site. It then overlays a web browser window on top of the official Facebook app. This highly similar fake login page is hard to identify, users can be easily tricked. When users fill their personal information to his fake page, the web directly sends it to hackers.

“It’s a fraudulent technique that points out the danger and reflects how important it is to protect yourself. It cannot be identified by Facebook as the malware displays in front of the legit app when it is launched,” says Lionel Ferri, Evina CTO.

Google confirmed that they have removed these apps after verifying this finding. Google confirmed this removal after verifying the French company’s findings. However, it seems that 2.3 million users have downloaded these apps for over a year.

If you have seen such suspicious apps, make sure to change your personal login soon!

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