Google Sets to Release Pixel 4a Soon


Google will release Pixel 4a, after this model passed the FCC certification in the US. This low-cost has been in delay, as Google has passed its mid-cycle deadline.

Rumors about the Pixel 4A have been around on the internet. Sources say the phone should have been released alongside the Android 11 announcement in June. Given the delay, people expect Google to release this version really soon. Google will also release Pixel 5 in October if it follows last year’s trend.

XDA’s Mishaal Rahman spotted the new Pixel 4a on FCC. The model number listed is G025, slightly similar to the Pixel 4 model number G020. However, Google has not confirmed this information.

Another source, The Verge mentions that this new Pixel 4a might not be equipped with the Soli radar sensor chip. This sensor is useful for the motion sense gesture controls. However, the FCC documents do not specify the radio frequency for the device. In the previous model, Pixel 4 comes with a frequency of 58GHz and 63.5GHz.

Since the documents do not disclose the frequency, users can except the phone comes with a different one. This means the Pixel 4a might be available in India, unlike the Pixel 4. The previous model was not available in India due to the frequency difference, not supported in the country.

According to sources, the price of this phone might be at $349 (roughly Rs. 26,400) for the 128GB model. The lower memory, 64GB variant has a lower price at $299 (about Rs. 22,600). The Pixel 4a will come with 6GB RAM and Android 10 as its operating system.

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