Google Stadia Connect reveals new services, games before the E3 2019

Google Stadia Connect reveals new services, games before the E3 2019

The E3 session is well underway and Google revealed some of its plan for the video game world. During the Google Stadia connect presentation, they effectively revealed new details which included the price and release dates. In addition, they also announced major games that will be available when it launches. The excitement aroused for some games like Baldur’s Gate III along with Destiny 2.

Google Stadia Connect reveals new services, games before the E3 2019


Google Stadia – major announcements and confirmed games

However, the Stadia will enforce the new Stadia Pro: founder’s edition which can be accessed during the launch. This cloud-based service from Google which allows streaming of games with almost 4K resolution and 60 fps. While the announcement of these two games wasn’t much interesting. There are also some more games which are the biggest hits like the Darksiders. With this, it’s heard that Rockstar games also made a flight as a developer.

As the Google Stadia Connect event commenced it literally took every aspect of rumours it ventured. While the event got forecasted from the official YouTube channel of Stadia. And later, if someone missed the event can check the video on YouTube or from the downlink. However, the event initially announced the rumoured game “Baldur’s Gate 3”. Along with a trailer and how the game collected itself to togetherness.

More details from the Connect event with new DLC and Pass

The details actually made responsiveness towards the arrival of the Google Stadia Pro. This will offer free games and exclusive contents which would cost around 10 US dollars per month. However, to access the Stadia, one has to buy the Founder’s editions priced around 129 US dollars. From which they will be offered a Chromecast controller with 3 months of Stadia Pro. In addition, the event also showcased some of its controllers with various colours and which are priced at 70 US dollars.

There is a numerous number of exclusive games that can be availed on Stadia. For the initial and lag-free experience, the company will go with Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers. While Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Destiny 2 is heading to join Stadia. Destiny 2 will allow the character to shift along with new DLC and annual pass.

Another big name which includes the Stadia team is Borderlands 3. While THQ Darksiders Genesis which was in rumour will also be in Stadia as the services get launches. Get packed a new genre of the game based on compact physics and multiplayer is also included in the list of Stadia.

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