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Google will not roll out a Beta test for its Stadia Gaming service

Unfortunately, if you were eagerly waiting for signing up for the beta test of Google’s gaming service-Stadia, you won’t be able to do so. Yes, Google is not planning to roll out a beta test for the service. So, all you can do is rely on Google’s service.

Phil Harrison confirms the news

The Vice President of Google and Stadia’s Head, Phil Harrison confirmed that there is no beta test of Stadia coming up. However, if you wish to buy the device you can buy it a bit cheaper than the original price right now. The buyers can pre-order the Founder’s Edition of Google’s Stadia for $129 direct from Google. The original price for the service is $300.

Key Details about Google Stadia

  • You will be able to access the games for a monthly fee of $10 as a part of your subscription. You will also experience the 4K world.
  • The top games might cost a bit extra.
  • Stadia Controller- This device enables you to connect wirelessly with the data centre in order to experience high-quality gaming.
  • The Stadia Controller will cost $69.99. It will come in three colour variants- Wasabi, Clearly White and Just Black.
  • You can even access Stadia on your HD TVs, laptops, etc. using Chromecast Ultra.

Google Stadia: Hardware Specifications and Features

  • CPU- Custom x86 Processor, 2.6 GHz, Hyperthreaded, AVX 2
  • GPU- 10.6 Teraflops of power, HBM2 memory, 56 compute units
  • Memory- 16GM RAM, 484 GB/s transfer speed, L2+L3 Cache of 9.5 MB

You will be able to play games like MK11 and Destiny 2 on the Google Stadia. Apart from that, there are more games that you will experience in the new Stadia.

For more gaming updates, stay tuned with us!

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