Google’s Fuchsia OS sneak-peek!


Google’s Fuchsia developers’ site went live two-three days ago. This project of a new Operating System is called “The Fuchsia Project” will define a new era of OS.

What is Fuchsia?

Well, Google’s Fuchsia isn’t something new. It came into picture through a GitHub repository which was later moved to Google’s source repository. However, the source code is still public to see, Thus the intent behind moving the repository remains a mystery.

Google still, remains quiet when it comes to Fuschia. Moreover, we can expect Google to either launch the idea wholely or scrape the ideology altogether. All of the information gained is through the GitHub repository itself.

The term Fuschia stands for a combination of colours i.e Pink and Purple which makes a colour Fuschia. The Pink here can be inferred as a reference to Apple’s Pink Project which was OOP based(Object Oriented Programming).

Google's Fuchsia OS sneak-peek!

Google Fuchsia Features

Google still drops references to Fuschia many-a-times they had ‘leaked’ some of the characteristics held by the new OS defined as follows.

  • The OS is based on capabilities –                                                                            The inclusion of capability-routing in the OS automatically holds the capability-based characters. Capability-Routing is basically moving over the component instance tree and giving capabilities to other instances.
  • Fuschia is not equal to Linux –                                                                                Fuschia is based on MicroKernels. The MicroKernels that is used to process it is “Zircon”. The architecture supported by it is x64 and arm64. These refer to a 64-bit architecture. It also has file systems which are service based.

There are a number of Filesystems supported by Fuschia and that is as follows.

  1. MeMFS
  2. MinFS
  3. BlobFS
  4. ThinFS
  • Google’s Fuschia also includes “Magma” which is an architecture for GPU driver. Magma is designed for Vulkan. It is an accelerated graphics based API which is managed by the legendary “Khronos Group”. Although, it is intended also to support “OpenGL” through a layer which is translated.
  • The User Interface toolkit used by Fuschia is based on Flutter which is developed by Google and is a cross-platform based library.
  • Fuschia also supports multiple programming languages like Python and C++.
  • The inclusion of ART environment also enhances the efficiency of the OS.

Now that the Fuchsia website is public, our guess is that Google will soon be saying a lot more about its new operating system.

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