Gordon Ramsay sparks outrage on his show Uncharted

Ramsay defends himself after saying guinea pig is delicious!
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Love him or hate him, but you can deny the fact that Gordon Ramsay has taken over the celebrity chef world for decades. Besides, he is famous for scathing comments fiery temper in various shows. However, it appears like he has done it again by causing outrage in his new TV show called Uncharted.

What is the show about?

In the Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted series, Ramsay travels to different parts of the world and interacts with different people. Plus, he tries to learn more about new culture and food in different parts of the country. Moreover, he prepares numerous delicacies in the show — the first episode released on July 21st, 2019.

Gordon Ramsay has caused outrage over the scene in his new TV show

Gordon Ramsay gets mixed reviews for his new show!

Source: The India Times Post

Gordon Ramsay should be called the king of controversies. Recently, he has sparked outrage for calling guinea pig meat as delicious on his new show called Uncharted. Besides, all the animal lovers are annoyed at him for killing, cooking, and eating a goat. According to the National Geographic Channel, the show is all about his expeditions to explore flavors and food from every part of the country.

The event took place on the south island of New Zealand. Ramsay had traveled to meet chef Monique Fiso and sample Maori delicacies. In the show, Ramsay stated that his heart was beating like Big Ben Nen while killing a goat.

After hunting the goat, he cooked it using the traditional methods. Later on, he served the dish with wild salad, seaweed potatoes along with fuchsia berry chutney.

Check out the video below where Ramsay reveals how he would cook the goat after killing it. Also, you can check out the tweets related to the recent controversy.

After the meat was cooked, everyone ate the delicacy on the south island. Everybody loved the dish, but some people didn’t like it, and they took their anger on social media. Moreover, some of his haters stated that Ramsay is killing the goat as a cruel and mindless act.

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