Gotham Season 6: Will Netflix rescue the show after Gotham Season 5?

Gotham Season 6
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Gotham Season 5 was the last season aired on Netflix so far. But the real question is, will Amazon Prime or Netflix pick up the Gotham Season 6?

Details about Gotham series

The Gotham series had a slow start but it eventually proved its worth for the viewers. Gradually, it formed its own story from the format of a cop show. From the first season, it has revised Batman, his villains and created a great plotline.

Currently, Gotham Season 5 is airing on the Fox Channel. Moreover, the channel has stated that the fifth season of Gotham will be the last season. As per the research, the show was going to air 22 episodes, but only 12 episodes will be released on Fox Channel.

[no spoilers] Does Gotham actually have a chance of getting picked up by another network? from Gotham

Fans are wondering whether the creators will end the series or will be streamed on Hulu, Amazon or Netflix?

Gotham Season 5 story we know so far

The plot of season 5 can tell many things about the future of the show. The series was created to mainly focus on the Gotham Police Department. The story begins with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne which is watched by young Selina Kyle.

After his parent’s death, Bruce Wayne becomes an orphan. Later on, the story focuses on Commissioner Gordon who is currently working as a detective.

Is there a chance that Gotham will get picked up by another network? from Gotham

He collaborates with Harvey Bullock to solve the murder case of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Until season 2, the plot focuses on Gordon who gets fired from the police department. Later on, he decides to bring down Theo Galavan.

The second season saw the rise of new villains like Mr Freeze and Hugo Strange and many more. In the third season, Gordon becomes a bounty hunter. Apart from that, the series also focuses on Wayne who is determined to find details about his parent’s death.

Later on, he ends up learning about a criminal organization called the Court of Owls. In Gotham Season 4, Bruce Wayne finally becomes the Dark Knight of Gotham city.

Gotham Season 5

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Will Gotham series get picked up for the sixth season?

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Fans are signing a petition to bring Gotham Season 6 due to the rushed ending of the fifth season. However, Fox won’t be producing the show. Gotham season 6 is probably going to get picked by other networks or online streaming services.

Sadly, this thing only happens when a show abruptly ends without a conclusion of the story. Unfortunately, the odds of the show getting picked up by a new network or a streaming platform are very low.

However, Netflix and Amazon have shown some interest to pick up the plot from where it ended on Fox.

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