Greenland lost 11 billion tons of surface ice in just one day

Climate change is responsible for Greenland ice melt. Source: Rolling Stone

Whenever we think about, Greenland, pictures of harsh, isolated, and icebound landscape comes to our mind. But the scenario is opposite now because Greenland ice landscapes have 11 billion tons of ice on August 1.

Greenland ice landscapes have transformed into raging rivers

Scientists said that the recent ice melt is said to be Greenland is prominent of the summer. As per the images shared on social media platforms by scientists, Greenland is in terrible condition today. Moreover, the melt began earlier this week, which continued till Thursday.

Sources have revealed that around 60% of the Greenland ice sheet has melted. Recently, Ruth Mottram, who is a Danish Meteorological Institute climate scientist, revealed that Greenland’s ice sheet has been melting for the last four months.

Furthermore, Mottram added that 60 billion and 70 billion tons are average. But in July 2019, scientists witnessed around 197 billion tons of ice melt. The main reason is high temperature, and warm weather is going to rise for a few more days in Greenland.

Besides, it may even last until the end of August 2019. As per the reports, the melt has increased about half of the millimeter to sea levels. Additionally, the ice melt is equivalent to 4.4 million Olympic swimming pools globally.

July 31st has recorded one of the biggest ice melt since 2012

Free-floating ice captured near Ilulissat, Greenland.
Source: Washington Post

Typically, Greenland’s ice sheet begins melting at the end of May, but this year it started at the start of May. Also, Europe recorded hot weather last week, and it might reach the Arctic and raise the ice sheet’s melting. Moreover, we might notice one of the biggest ice melt since 1950.

Likewise, on Thursday, scientists recorded 2.7 degrees Celsius at 3,000 meters above sea level. Also, the month of July has set a new high-temperature record.

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