Growers Express Vegetables Ordered Back by Trader’s Joe Recall 2019

Growers Express
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Growers Express is ordering back a huge amount of fresh vegetables due to health risk. The California based company is taking back their products which were sold under Trader Joe’s, the Green Giant Fresh, and Signature Farms brands.

Moreover, they recalled back their vegetables due to contamination with a bacteria named Listeria. Usually, such kind of bacteria infects warm-blooded animals. Besides, it contaminates food and infects humans after consumption.

Listeria causes a serious infection called Listeriosis

After eating contaminated food, humans can suffer from an infection like Listeriosis and food poisoning. Such bacteria have a tendency to multiply and grow in a favourable environment. Moreover, it can cause serious sickness if the vegetable is consumed by pregnant women.

Recently, the Massachusetts Department of Health revealed the product positive after testing one sample. Luckily, there was no illness reported before recalling the products.

Growers Express is recalling which food products?

Growers Express has ordered back their numerous food products from more than 25 states including Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. On Monday, the urgent notice was posted on the official U.S. website of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The company has recalled cauliflower, butternut squash, select butternut squashed-based veggie bowls as well as zucchini. These products were sold by Growers Express under three brands. However, no frozen vegetables or Green Giant canned were affected.

What are the symptoms of listeriosis?

Listeria causes serious illness in adults, elderly, and newborns. Moreover, bacteria can weaken your immune systems. The symptoms of the illness include diarrhoea, high fever, stiffness, headaches, abdominal pain, and nausea.

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