GTA 6 Development Status and Release Date


The “GTA V” game is a game with a lot of players worldwide and gaining more popularity this year. Sony and Microsoft are now supporting this game on their console for three generations. Now, “GTA 6” is going to be available to fans and they are waiting for the tech giants to support it.

‘GTA 6’ Development Status

A lot of gamers have been hoping that “GTA 6” would be a launch title on PlayStation 5. This expectation might become reality as Rockstar Games and Sony agreed on the exclusivity deal in time for the console’s launch. That speculation turned out to be partly true as the expanded “GTA V” is confirmed to be initially limited to PS5 players but not when the console is out this year.

A lot of gaming industry insiders have been arguing on the status of “GTA 6’s” development. Kotaku reported that the next game is just in the early stage. However, some suggested that the game has been in development with up to 70% of its content already completed.

Rockstar Games and Take-Two have both been very quiet about the status of GTA 6. They are not answering to speculations nor giving hints for the production. For now, the only information fans can have is the announcement of the expanded “GTA V” for PS5, and later Xbox Series X. Due to the recent announcement, the development of the next games might be far from launching.

Rockstar’s strategy has been fully focusing on a project at a time. If they will release the expanded GTA V in late 2021, it is very likely the GTA 6 is still in the early stage of development. Fans might have to wait until 2023 or more before the game is released.

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