GTA 6: Rockstar North President Benzies leaves amid chaos in the company

GTA 6 Everything you need to know about

When GTA 5 released everyone praised the game including the gamers and the critics and the expectations rose for GTA 6. The game is still running strong even after so many years and still making money.

It has been a while since Rockstar released GTA 5 and rumors surrounding GTA 6 signal that we are very unlikely to get info in coming years. Back in 2013, the then Rockstar North president said in an interview that:

GTA 6 release and expectations

GTA 6 Everything you need to know about

“We have no info about GTA 6, but we have some ideas,” told Benzies in an interview.

“GTA team has 45 years worth of experience about what they want to present the audience. They will choose the perfect ones. Where it will be shot is the first question, then you plan for the missions.”

Cause you do different things in LA, New York, and Miami. The map and the story then get worked out accordingly. Hence the story’s basic flow layers the missions in. This is everything that Benzies discussed and now has left Rockstar for no reason.

The release date of the game still remains a mystery, and if it has to release it is not releasing in the coming years, It will be somewhere around 2021. It is so because Rockstar takes time in making games and delivers only if it is perfect in all ways.

Also, they won’t be wishing to pressurize their employees. The anticipating revelation trailer of GTA 6 may be coming somewhere around 2020.

Plots, Missions, and ProtagonistsGTA 6 Everything you need to know about

As far as PC’s are concerned, I think it will come to other platforms a bit late, as GTA  4 and GTA 5 made their moves towards PC. But other platform fans will have to wait for time being as it would need some finishing touches. About the game, there are many rumors that say it may take place in London, Vice City or Tokyo or Brazil.

The map size is obviously expected to be bigger than the usual. The protagonist of GTA games are always unique but in GTA 5 there were three protagonists. But there are expectations that we might have a twist in case of GTA 6.

One might be a cop while the other can be a thief. There are still only guesses about the game as no one is sure about how the game is going to turn out. Everyone has there fingers crossed for the release of the game.

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