GTA VI: Rockstar is pondering even more over it!

5 points Rockstar must ponder over for GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI)  has been much-awaited game for the fans for a long time now. It has been less about where, and now it is more about when. Three things which have sparked debates for the riches of the open world. There have been loads of ways to create havoc among the digital masses. One can also create a sense of humour which is blacker than the night.

Expectations from GTA VI:

5 points Rockstar must ponder over for GTA VI

These three things have made the franchise of Grand Theft Auto one of the most controversial franchise. It has also put them among the most well-known gaming medium. Although living under the surface of this anticipated series is another aspect of which has been key to GTA’s success. The way of using the good old fashioned satire.

The game series is built on the back of the shear quality of imitation and well-paid respect. Every game of the series so far has been full of hilarious comedy and poking fun at the unpleasant reality of the present day scenarios. Whether it is the social media, fast-moving technology or the ever-changing stock markets. Nothing has been safe from the severe cross paths of GTA.

Variation in eras:

It is only in the modern age of High Definition of GTA where Rockstar’s traditional comedy has blossomed truly. But as of now, we are yet to witness an instalment which will feature the era except for those between 2008-2013. The game as beloved as the likes of GTA is something which can not stay forever.

For something which is as special as the game of GTA where the only way is up, one cannot help but wonder all the ways that Rockstar can think of projecting a different era. We are pretty hopeful of the game in which they can’t fall down on the same old way of tired reality gags.

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