Halle Berry Latest News: New Boyfriend Van Hunt Is Tailor-Made For The X-Men Actress

Halle Berry Van Hunt

Halle Berry has been in news recently with speculations going on about who her new beau is. Now we know that this lucky gentleman is none other than Van Hunt. Hunt is a super talented and accomplished American singer and songwriter. He can play multiple instruments, including guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and saxophone.

Berry’s Witty Instagram Posts

Long before she formally introduced him to the world as her boyfriend, Berry included Van Hunt in intimate photos she posted to Instagram. Although she didn’t include any photos of Hunt’s face or any other defining features, the Kidnap star posted photos of the couple’s feet to let her fans know there was someone new in her life.

In her post finally revealing the name of her new man, Berry included the caption, “now ya know…” followed by a black heart emoji and a foot emoji. The latter emoji was clearly a reference back to Berry’s sneaky way of introducing Hunt.

Previous Marital Experiences

The actress has been married thrice and divorced all those times. Her first husband was David Justice. They lasted for four years before divorcing in 1997. Then in 2001, Berry married singer-songwriter Eric Benét, while their marriage ended in 2005. Shortly after that divorce finalized, Berry began dating Gabriel Aubry, who’s the father of her eldest child, Nahla. The couple called it quits in 2010.

In 2013, Berry married French film actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she shares a son, Maceo. By 2016, that marriage met its end, as well. A year later, Berry spoke honestly about what it was like to go through several relationships that didn’t work out during the Q&A portion of the 2017 City Summit and Gala. Of the experience, Berry recalled, via Entertainment Tonight–

“I have learned to deal with three failed marriages, which has not been easy, especially when there’s children involved. [As] women, we go into marriage thinking it’s going to last forever and that this is our prince on a shiny horse. That’s what fairy tales taught me as a kid … and I’m kind of anti-fairy tales today. But we go in there with that hope, so when it falls apart it feels like a huge failure and a huge disappointment. I’ve often felt guilty and responsible. I’ve suffered a lot of pain and anguish.”

Despite the hardship and the heartache that those relationships put her through, she still couldn’t say that she regretted them, explaining–

“In every one of those situations, as hard — and sometimes embarrassing — as it was, I learned so much about myself. All of those relationships were necessary for me. We all come here with lessons that we have to learn and those relationships provided me with lessons that got me to where I am right now.”

Berry added that she was “grateful,” but it was still a “hard” situation to have to go through, especially since she’d done so multiple times. But it now seems that the actress has found love and that’s a beautiful thing.

Halle Berry Van Hunt

False Stories About Halle Berry

For years, the tabloids have speculated over when the actress would find a new man. Furthermore, Berry has been linked to some of the A-listers like Keanu Reeves and Ben Affleck in the recent past. In one tabloid, she was also rumoured to be a lesbian after being spotted having dinner with a long time female friend. But obviously, they have all got it wrong.

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